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*100 Animals on Parade* by Masayuki Sebe
100 Animals on Parade
by Masayuki Sebe
Ages 3-7 24 pages Kids Can Press March 2013 Hardcover    

One to ten. Few counting books go beyond the time-honored tradition of a top-ten countdown: ten pages with each numeral afforded its space for counting pumpkins, beach balls, penguins, or whatever.

Masayuki Sebe blows up the typical counting book with a boisterous parade of animals numbering in the hundreds. One hundred musical bears, 100 chef pigs, 100 carpenter beetles, 100 circus rabbits and 100 flower birds whirl and swirl through the pages of 100 Animals on Parade. The animals are all on a path to the animal festival.

Each 100-animal parade features its own curious details and charming illustrations, making each count to 100 an opportunity to uncover something new. Consider it a Where’s Waldo with a purpose beyond finding that goofy-striped guy.

The bear band with all manner of instruments (and musical styles) kicks off the parade in grand style, with each subsequent group of animals featuring its own theme. Sebe makes the counting fun, which will sure help younger kids stay engaged all the way from one to 100.

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