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*Alexander Asenby's Great Adventure* by Stephen J. Brooks, illustrated by Rajesh

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Alexander Asenby's Great Adventure
by Stephen J. Brooks, illustrated by Rajesh
Ages 4-8 32 pages Purple Sky Publishing December 2005 Hardcover    

Everyone likes to escape to imagined worlds now and then, and for Alexander Asenby those escapes become full-out adventures as he ventures beyond his magical closet door to lands where dragons fly and winged fairies seek a knight in shining armor to save them from marauding ogres and trolls. So begins Alexander Asenby’s Great Adventure, as a normal little boy enters the not-so-normal realms that lie just beyond the borders of the imagination.

Alexander is just that hero, setting out on his trusty dragon to do battle with the critters that threaten the magical kingdom before morning, when he is expected to be back in his bed at home again.

Written in rhyming text, this charming story will thrill young children who long for adventure beyond their own bedroom walls and will spark their imaginations with visions of worlds where magic is afoot. Stephen J. Brooks has written several children’s books and served as a Federal Agent for over ten years. This is the first book in the series that will introduce kids to Alexander and his magical closet door. Illustrator Rajesh, an Indian artist specializing in contemporary art, uses both bold and muted jewel-toned colors to impart a fantastical tone, and his creatures are fun and whimsical.

The story imparts no major message or moral; Alexander Asenby’s Great Adventure could have had a little more depth storywise, but it does entertain and colorfully so, and should put a smile on the faces of little boys and girls who enjoy a good bedtime story. Just leave the closet door open, please…

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