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Circus: Over 50 Flaps plus Seek and Find!
Amazement Park: 12 Wild Mazes
by Roxie Munro
ages 9-12 40 pages Chronicle Books October 2001 Hardcover    

Brightly illustrated, Amazement Park is a collection of mazes within an amusement park. As described at the beginning, there are two paths readers can take - the Toot-Toot Train to skim through or the maze journey. For added fun, readers are given additional items to look for as they complete the mazes, such as a school class on a field trip.

Roller coasters, a space station, and a dinosaur park are just a few of the settings for the mazes, which are connected to each other. The journey culminates at the Minotaur Maze, but the maze leads right back to the previous mazes until readers end up back at the start. For any unbeatable mazes, a handy solution guide takes up the last few pages.

While this book is visually stimulating, the illustrations contain very little detail, making it difficult to locate the school group. The people are so tiny and unremarkable that there is little to set one person apart from the next, let alone indicate his or her identification. The level of difficulty of each puzzle varies from intermediate to advanced, making this suitably challenging for middle school children. Again, though, the lack of any real detail within each maze makes it difficult to know what one is looking for or at. Despite that, Amazement Park will provide a pleasant way to pass a rainy day.

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