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*Andy and Sam Hide-and-Seek* by Liesbet Slegers
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Andy and Sam Hide-and-Seek
by Liesbet Slegers
Ages 1-4 32 pages Candlewick May 2010 Hardcover    

Andy and his cat, Sam, lead toddlers through a series of seek-and-find missions in this cute and colorful book by Liesbet Slegers. Sam, an orange striped cat, is “a bit naughty” according to Andy, and he likes to hide. The reader’s job is find Sam in each double-page spread (sometimes he is well hidden!) and then answer other questions about the picture shown.

The questions on each page are perfect for getting preschoolers and toddlers thinking and talking. For example, in the page showing Andy’s living room, the reader is asked to find where Andy has hidden his present for his Mom, how many pets are shown in the picture, and whether the spider on the wall is a pet.

At a picnic site, the reader is asked to find the ants and figure out what they are doing, which animal mother has just found her baby, and what Andy is carrying with him just in case it rains.

The varied settings (in and around Andy’s house, by the pond, on the farm, at the zoo, on the beach, etc.) and clearly illustrated images showing a variety of actions and characters lend themselves well to a range of other questions and discussion topics as well, beyond those listed on the page. This makes the book a good choice for use in classrooms and at home.

A pictorial answer key at the back of the book, making it easy for young readers to confirm their answers on their own, is a nice touch.

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