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*Autumnblings* by Douglas Florian - buy it online

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by Douglas Florian
Ages 4-8 48 pages Greenwillow August 2003 Hardcover Recommended at 4 stars of 5   

Florian is a personal favorite with his lively poetry and images that stimulate young minds, planting the seeds of grand adventures through reading. Learning is a positive experience in every book this author/illustrator contributes, awakening youthful curiosity, a consistent energy that is both engaging and fanciful. Such tales are meant to be shared or read aloud, a source of merriment for young audiences.

"The temperature falls
Degree by degree.
It falls through the air
And lands upon me."

Complementing Winter Eyes and Summersaults, Autumnblings is another of Florian's delightful poetic romps through the season, the series of silly poems accompanied by the usual quirky and humorous illustrations the author does so well.

"Maple seeds in fall turn brown,
then they fall off and all fall down-
like fallicopters to the ground."

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