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*Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf* by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell- young readers fantasy book review
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Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf
by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
Ages 9-12 224 pages David Fickling Books September 2008 Hardcover    

Barnaby Grimes joins a long list of protagonists who are witty and courageous. He's very much a street urchin cum self-made man, always finding himself in very mysterious situations that involve a certain amount of the occult’s classic favorites. In this rooftop adventure filled with plenty of good old-fashioned dry humor and a unique perspective on the mystery at hand, Barnaby Grimes is set to face a deadly foe that may not only take him to the grave, but also curse his life into a form of existence people only thought were made-up stories.

The mysterious disappearance of his old friend Benjamin sends Barnaby in search of the illustrious Dr. Cadwallader, who has been giving out restorative potions to heal the very poor and sick of the city. Encountering the hairy, demonic, yellow-eyed beast upon the rooftops is an unexpected scare that unfortunately reveals connections to Benjamin’s disappearance.

When Barnaby finagles his way into the employ and supposed confidence of Dr. Cadwallader, disturbing facts come to light. The curse of the Night Wolf is transforming innocents into werewolves and their lives are being taken. If Barnaby isn’t careful, he may become the next victim, but someone has to do something to stop the mad doctor. Hopefully his friends will be able to help him; if not; the Night Wolf’s curse will live on.

This entertaining read is guaranteed to keep readers enthralled. With the craze of werewolves a perpetual hit, the authors do a great job writing the storyline at an appropriate level for their target audience. Humor and a diverse vocabulary make the story all the better for younger readers. An Oliver Twist-meets-Goosebumps feel to the setting and presentation of Barnaby Grimes: Curse of the Night Wolf makes the storyline and character developments work to much greater advantage. This is a great read and likeable series beginning.

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