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*Chloe, Instead* by Micah Player
Chloe, Instead
by Micah Player
Ages 3-5 32 pages Chronicle April 2012 Hardcover    

Molly is having a difficult time living with her new little sister.

She wouldn’t have minded a younger sister who could play the piano with her, but she got Chloe instead. Chloe likes to bang on the piano keys, eat crayons, destroy books and ‘borrow’ Molly’s belongings.

After Molly loses her temper with Molly, though, she realizes that Chloe isn’t so terrible after all. Her apology is unique because it includes more than the words “I’m sorry.”

The book ends with a repetition of Molly’s previous statement,
“This used to be my house
Now it’s our house.”
The illustrations that accompany them show how close Molly and Chloe have become. Molly’s smile proves that she has learned to enjoy Molly’s differences.

The words that appear in a bold font cue the reader to change their tone of voice (“She’s nothing like me”). Digital illustrations (finished with ink and watercolor) contrast Molly’s stable world with Chloe’s chaotic one. Molly and Chloe’s exaggerated retro-style eyes dominate the page.

This story encourages children to appreciate their younger siblings.

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