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*Crazy Cars for Crazy Kids* by Mark David
Crazy Cars for Crazy Kids
by Mark David
Ages 4-8 32 pages Kane/Miller September 2006 Paperback    

Kids will go wild for the cars in Mark Davidís new book. The first car they see on the cover resembles a cross between a cannon and a seashell. This car has wheels with rotating feet, spectator seating hovering in the back, and all the amenities a dog (and its owners) could want. At least a hundred times bigger than the people gawking at it, this car provides shaded doghouses, a canine-friendly treadmill, and handy transport access tubes. The Fido PoochCruiser ensures that driving with dogs will never be a problem again.

Frustrated by the limitations of cars today, Mark David put pen to paper and started to problem-solve in his workshop. His car designs might look crazy, but he thinks they contain some sensible ideas. Obstacles on the road are no longer a worry with Davidís cars. His cars can cross over water and climb up trees. The Park-O-matic makes parking a breeze, and the Millispeed guarantees you will never be late. This long, slinky car can get you anywhere you need to go - and quickly.

Travelers would feel spoiled if they had any of the fifteen cars in this book. With the Luxury Resortster, your vacation can start the minute you hit the road. This car carries a huge waterslide, a small lake, optional butler service and a challenging golf course. The Velocitree is a car with built in shade, and the Chefrolet is the car to take if you want to eat breakfast while you drive. With chickens and a cow on board, everyone in the family can enjoy fresh eggs and cereal in the morning without leaving the car.

The addition of a few people, animals, or vehicles around each crazy car adds interest and perspective to each page. Set against a white background, the colorful cartoon illustrations pop out from the page. With small paragraphs and point form sections, children will find this book not only eye-catching but easy to read.

Mark David shouldnít stop here. I think students at school could all use a Mark David original to ease the demands of their day, as could many busy families.

With more than twenty years experience as a professional cartoonist, Mark David has over 10,000 cartoons in print, and his work has appeared in over 100 books. He has won awards as a cartoonist and 3D illustrator, and taught cartooning to thousands of people. Today, Mark David lives in Australia where he works for a newspaper doing graphics and design.

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