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*Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear* by Matt Dray


Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear
by Matt Dray
Ages 4-8 40 pages Kane/Miller September 2005 Hardcover    

Who knew that working at a garbage dump could yield such treasures? Author and former garbage dump employee Matt Dray found a wonderful stuffed bear in 2002 while working at the local dump. He named it Dougal and created an absolutely delightful children’s book about his find that will touch the hearts of both kids and adults.

Dray introduces us to Dougal, a shy little bear with a heart of gold. One day, Dougal gets tossed into the trash, as many toys eventually do, and thinks his life is over. But it really has just begun, for Dougal finds a special friend working at the dump who takes good care of him and introduces him to even more stuffed friends. Soon, Dougal is one of a whole collection of cuddly creatures that hang out at the dump, riding in the truck cabs, drinking ginger beer and having a grand old time.

But even dumps must one day dump their trash somewhere, and soon Dougal and his friends are loaded up once again, fearing for their future…until they discover the best home of all in this heartwarming story that made this grown-up feel good all over. Oh, and my little boy loved it, too!

Dray tells his story with humor and warmth, accompanying the true life tale with wonderful full color photographs of Dougal, the dump yard, and all the other amazing discoveries he found that eventually made up a whole new family. Dougal is unique and unforgettable and will have you thinking twice before you throw away your kids’ stuffed creatures. Then again, go ahead and toss them. Like Dougal, they may end up finding their true home with someone who will appreciate them long after your children have lost interest!

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