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*Duck & Goose* by Tad Hills

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Duck & Goose
by Tad Hills
ages 4-8 40 pages Schwartz & Wade January 2006 Hardcover    

Two little waterfowl learn to set aside their differences of opinion and work together in what has to be one of the most amusing picture books so far this year. Duck and Goose come upon the mysterious spotted orb simultaneously and both try to claim possession of what they decide is an egg - "I saw it first," says Duck. Goose plants a wide black foot on it and replies, "I touched it first."

After some heated discussions about how to care for the "egg" and how to raise the baby bird that must certainly hatch from it, they each stake out a space atop the sphere. While they wait for the blessed event to occur, they sniff flowers, share breadcrumbs, watch the sunset, and count the stars.

Then a curious little blue bird alights near Duck and Goose to admire their ball.

Duck and Goose are momentarily abashed and make fairly feeble attempts at saving face. "You know, I did have my doubts," says Duck. "I was somewhat suspicious of those big dots," Goose admits. But they agree that whatever it is, it is a nice one, and they run off to play with it - together.

Adults will have almost as much fun with Duck and Goose as the children to whom they read. The puffed-up posturing and pretended knowledge flying about as the two bright cartoon birds banter over something they both want but know little about are a blast. Their physical tussles too are, at least at one point, simply hilarious. Channeling Manet with its oil background of a soft green swath in a wide-open park, this is a delightful tale about blossoming friendship.

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