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*Erroll* by Hannah Shaw
Also by Hannah Shaw:

School for Bandits
by Hannah Shaw
Ages 3-5 32 pages Knopf February 2010 Hardcover    

Erroll the squirrel is accidently packaged into a box of Nutti Nutts while at the nut factory looking for his favorite indulgence. When Bob opens the box, he knows immediately what to feed Erroll, but not how to wash up after him.

As Erroll races through the house tracking peanut butter paw prints up and down the walls and across the floors, Bob does his best to keep Erroll safe from swinging lampshades and wobbly curtain rods. He can’t keep Erroll a secret from his mom, though, and he can’t say goodbye forever. As Bob and his mom return Erroll to his home in the woods, Bob turns back to Erroll and whispers “Come back and visit me soon!” Bob won’t have to wait too long for company - at breakfast the next morning, a furry surprise pops out of his Chewy Crunchy Monkey Munchy cereal box.

The small details in this book reflect the town name and its main industry. Nutti Nutts are advertised on vehicles and on a hot air balloon. Bob’s mom owns the license plate NUT01 and a pink “I Love Nutti Nutts” mug.

Hannah Shaw’s use of bright colors on every page ensures that nothing will be missed in this story. Bears bicycle and sunflowers have faces. The storyline is clever and can easily be told with humor, but when reading this book, peanut butter-covered Erroll will get all the attention.

Hannah Shaw is the author and illustrator of Sneaky Weasel. She lives in England.

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