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*Feeling Sad* by Sarah Verroken
Feeling Sad
by Sarah Verroken
Ages 4-8 32 pages Enchanted Lion Books May 2009 Hardcover    

Translated from the Dutch, Feeling Sad is a thoughtful picture book featuring Duck and her Cuddly (teddy bear). Duck looks at the whole world as gloomy – “duck is grumpy…and sad.” She feels like hiding in a corner. Subsequently, it begins to rain, and Duck feels even worse.

As the rain diminishes, Duck meets a tiny frog who suggests she look ahead. With a positive shift in her outlook, Duck moves forward, tackling a giant hill where she takes charge and asks the clouds to join her in a search for the sun. In the end, it is not Duck that finds the sun but the sun that finds her and illuminates a beautiful world.

A thoroughly uplifting story, Feeling Sad is an allegory for all ages reminding us to look forward when times get tough. Verroken’s woodcut illustrations convey the deepness of Duck’s depression in black and white and the brilliance of her revitalization in bright colors. Duck’s story is one of a personal commitment toward optimism. The simple text lets the pictures tell the story. An excellent choice for teachers tackling the complex subject of emotion with young children.

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