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*Flight 1-2-3* by Maria van Lieshout
Flight 1-2-3
by Maria van Lieshout
Ages 3-5 40 pages Chronicle March 2013 Hardcover    

This cleverly illustrated picture book by Lieshout (Backseat A-B-See) introduces children to numbers, airport signs and air travel.

The mostly wordless story follows a family travelling by airplane to meet relatives. The sequence of events includes their preparations to board, the departure and the arrival.

After looking at the sign on each double-page spread, children can search for and count objects such as luggage carts, check-in desks, elevators and escalators. They will learn what objects are prohibited in carry-on baggage as they count trash cans, and they’ll discover what happens when travelers go through security checks.

The highest number of objects to count in this book is “100 fastened seat belts.” The distance to the destination is given in miles and kilometers, and the altitude is written in feet and meters.

There is some inconsistency in the way numbers are displayed. Most of the numbers are displayed as digits (10, 100), but a million is written out in letters. Also, the number one is shown as a digit at the start of the book but appears written out at the end of the book.

The digital illustrations resemble the faceless, colorless people that appear on the airport signs. The few details and colors included appear only on the workers and family. This ensures they stand out from the people in the crowds.

This book is best read one-on-one. Children who enjoy books about transportation or travel may enjoy learning to count (and understand signs) with this book.

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