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*I Got Two Dogs (Book and CD)* by John Lithgow, illustrated by Robert Neubecker
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I Got Two Dogs (Book and CD)
by John Lithgow, illustrated by Robert Neubecker
Baby-PreK 32 pages Simon & Schuster October 2008 Hardcover    

This hardcover book and accompanying CD for infants through first-graders will surely entertain the little ones and find parents singing along with the lilting interpretative reading by famed actor John Lithgow.

Fanny and Blue are two great dogs, well loved if not well behaved (or very smart). However, as the lively rhythm of the words is read or listened to, youngsters will delight in the story and the rhythm of it all. While Blue is “kind of gray” and Fanny is “all white,” their loyalty and shared sense of mischief are very evident. Fanny and Blue like to chase the cat and make a mess of their owner’s things but find great comfort in cuddling up at night right ON TOP of their master! One big loving lick is all it takes to make their master forgive and love Fanny and Blue even more.

The pet owner’s devotion to the two animals teaches little ones about what is important about having a pet while also entertaining them. Children will delight in the repetitions of the sounds in the refrain.

Author John Lithgow based I Got Two Dogs on his own two dogs, and his story is energetic, rhythmic and comical. His audio delivery is a brilliant, enthusiastic interpretation of the story accompanied by a supporting chorus and instruments like the flute that build on the catchy, rhythmic tune.

Robert Neubecker’s delightful illustrations appear hand-painted (but, I believe, are digitally rendered) and depict the story with broad, colorful strokes, capturing attention with the pulsating colors and making this a great read-along book. Whether read to or with or listened to, this is a fantastic book and CD for every child’s collection.

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