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*Higher! Higher!* by Leslie Patricelli
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Higher! Higher!
by Leslie Patricelli
Grades PreK-1 32 pages Candlewick March 2009 Hardcover    

Everyone knows that best ideas are always the ones that, in hindsight, seem to have been so incredibly obvious. Leslie Patricelli masterfully proves that truism in her latest book, Higher! Higher!.

The premise is a simple one that is known to anyone who has accompanied a child to a park and pushed them on a swing. The cries of “Higher! Higher!” are always met with squeals of delight as the caretaker continues to exert their best efforts with the full knowledge that their push will never be quite high enough.

In Higher! Higher!, a father pushes his child on a swing as she is ejected high into the sky. She plummets over the long protruding neck of a giraffe, over the top of the building, to the peak of a high mountain, above a plane, into space, and into another world As she returns back to Earth and her father, just as expected, she is ready for him to tackle the challenge once again.

Higher! Higher! is a sweet and beautifully illustrated story that should have a place at the very top of any list of children’s books that should not be missed.

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