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*Honk Honk! Beep Beep!* by Daniel Kirk
Honk Honk! Beep Beep!
by Daniel Kirk
Ages 2-5 32 pages Hyperion August 2010 Hardcover    

Buckle up and come along on this adventure that features a father and his son as they set off on an early morning journey. Where are they going this early in the morning? They’re going to see the sunrise!

Once they jump in their jeep and start off, the pair encounter traffic on the roadway and other early risers along the way. “Care to join us for a ride?” Dad will ask. “Come on. Friends, there’s room inside!”

Passing big trucks, a road crew finishing up on their night’s work and even a poor driver whose car has broken down beside the road, the dad’s response is always the same: “Looks like you could use a break. Climb on in, for goodness sake!”

Soon the jeep is full of passengers, and it will be a tough task to reach the mountaintop before the sun comes up. Fortunately, the jeep full of critters does make it - and they get there just in time, for now “It’s sunrise on the mountaintop!”

Set in a child’s bedroom, this fantastical journey is made by a group of toys that must maneuver across the floor and get to the room’s windowsill to complete their trip and accomplish their goal.

The colorful illustrations and simple text make this a good read-aloud story that will encourage your child to participate in the narrative chores. Let the youngster start with sound effects – “Honk, honk! Beep, beep!” Then move on to filling in some of the easily recognized rhymed words of the text, like jeep, sheep and creep.

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