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*Into the Deep: The Life of Naturalist and Explorer William Beebe* by David Sheldon
Also written and/or illustrated by David Sheldon:

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Into the Deep: The Life of Naturalist and Explorer William Beebe
by David Sheldon
Grades 1-4 48 pages Charlesbridge July 2009 Hardcover    

Acclaimed author-illustrator David Sheldon, who wrote the childrenís picture book Barnum Brown: Dinosaur Hunter, is back in action with his new biography on the incredible life of William Beebe. In this Junior Library Guild Selection, vibrant artwork rich with detail becomes a means of vocalizing the subjectís story so young eyes and minds can easily follow along. Into the Deep: The Life of Naturalist and Explorer William Beebe is an informative biography for younger and adult readers alike.

From an early age, William Beebe had a deep love for nature, animals, and the life of a naturalist. With his rapidly growing skills in the wild, his path was evident at a young age. Williamís initial occupations were typical for any lover of animal and nature, but it was the later directions his work took him that made his name remarkable across many fields.

As his simple assistant curator position transitioned into being an explorer of bird species around the world, William Beebe was following traditional methods of seeking, finding and shipping birds back to zoos for care and study. During this period of exploration, William had his first epiphany: that birds and animals are better studied in their natural environment. The science of ecology had found its pioneer.

Beebeís ecological pursuits had him traversing the world and made him a well-know published author. They were also responsible for setting him upon the next stage of his professional and personal pursuits in nature: below the sea. Beebe conquered many professional terrains as a pioneer and voice for conservation. His work left lasting impressions and aid to newer generations of scientists.

David Sheldon has meticulously researched and recounted the life story of William Beebe, highlighting the most consequential aspects of a great manís incredible life. For children or young adults writing a report for school, this biography is a great resource for reference and is easily comprehensible.

The only drawback is that it reads like a school report itself. For some that is of little consequence, but others may find it tedious. The younger the child, the more necessary the colorful artwork becomes. The best thing about the artwork is the colors ó lots and lots of colors! Itís good to find a decent childrenís biography picture book, and this one fits that mold.

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