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*Kangaroo for Christmas* by James Flora
Kangaroo for Christmas
by James Flora
Ages 4-6 40 pages Enchanted Lion September 2011 Hardcover    

Kathryn arrives at her Grandma's house with pickles on her breath, mashed potatoes in her ears, and a tired kangaroo in her arms.

Their journey across town starts off at a nice steady pace, but when Adelaide the kangaroo hears a noise, her hops become hazardous! No obstacle can stand in her way - she hops through doors, over people and onto cars.

As they race through town, they leave behind a trail of scattered food and confused citizens. Kathryn tries to be courteous and apologize about the destruction, but Adelaide isn't able to permanently stop until she lands, feet first, in a pan of homemade taffy.

Luckily, Grandma (and Santa) knows just what to put under the tree for this pair of friends on Christmas Eve.

Colored pages alternate with black-and-white spreads. Lettered sound effects and motion lines (in this case arcs) add interest to the pages. Christmas scenes incorporate popcorn strings around the tree, candles on the mantle, and Santa darting up the chimney.

Originally published in 1962, this picture book contains words and illustrations that reflect the culture of a time past (rotary phones, soap flakes, fireplugs, antennas on housetops, and adults who wear hats). James Flora (1914-1998)worked as a commercial artist and author. He had seventeen books published, including The Fabulous Firework Family.

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