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*Lulu the Big Little Chick* by Paulette Bogan
Also illustrated by Paulette Bogan:

Buffalo Wings
Lulu the Big Little Chick
by Paulette Bogan
Ages 4-8 32 pages Bloomsbury July 2009 Hardcover    

Lulu is tired of being little. As the smallest chick on the farm, she can’t lay eggs, climb the fence, or play in the cornfield. One day, Lulu declares to her Momma that she is going to go far, far away, and she marches out the barn door.

Soon Lulu is covered in mud – she’s so little that the piglets accidentally splash her. But she hasn’t gone far enough yet; she can hear her mother calling her, asking if she needs help getting clean. When Lulu steps inside the sheep pen, the sheep almost squish her since they can’t see her. When she steps in the horse’s way, the horse almost stomps on Lulu since she’s so small. When Lulu ventures even farther, she runs into a cow who almost munches her up with some grass. Finally, when Lulu has traveled far enough for her taste, she finds that the best adventures are those that you share with someone who loves you.

This is a funny, sweet, warmhearted little book that grabs you almost instantly. Lulu is an adorable little chick with a wise and patient Momma - a winsome team! The illustrations are vibrant, engaging, humorous, and fit the text perfectly. Although labeled for 4-8 year olds, the book is probably more appropriate for children in the toddler age group. Lulu the Big Little Chick is a sure winner.

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