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*Lulu's Party* by Kit Chase
Lulu's Party
by Kit Chase
Ages 3-5 32 pages Putnam August 2015 Hardcover    

This second book starring Lulu (an owl), Oliver (an elephant), and Charlie (a rabbit) takes place on a rainy summer afternoon in Lulu’s treehouse. These three friends do not complain about the weather; they find something fun to do no matter what obstacles come their way.

When Lulu’s tea party doesn’t work, she plans a “rainy day treat” for her two friends. Her decorations work, but her hot chocolate doesn’t. She accidentally spills salt into the pot, and it tastes awful. “Blech!” says Lulu.

They are not able to fix it by adding more honey, cream, or chocolate, so they look around for something else to serve. And they find it in the freezer; chocolate ice cream. “This is the perfect treat” Lulu says when she sees her friends enjoying their “cold chocolate” treat of milkshakes.

The last double-page spread shows the friends entertaining their stuffed toys. The rain has stopped, and they are each performing circus acts in the forest.

Kit Chase’s watercolor, pen and ink illustrations are cute. The characters have round bodies, short legs, pink cheeks, and tiny black circular eyes. Oliver and Charlie wear little rain boots that match their umbrellas and the furniture in Lulu’s house is made from wooden stumps and logs. The colors are subtle and calming and appear against white or beige backgrounds.

I like how the friends turn an unfortunate situation around by looking for a fun solution together, and by putting a past mistake behind them.

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