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*Max and Ruby's Preschool Pranks* by Rosemary Wells
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Use Your Words, Sophie!

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Max and Ruby's Preschool Pranks
by Rosemary Wells
Ages 3-5 40 pages Viking July 2016 Hardcover    

Ruby is trying to run an orderly preschool class with her friend Miss Louise. Using homemade books they’ve prepared, the day will include lessons on numbers, shapes, the alphabet, and art. But the two teachers cannot focus on their students (a roomful of stuffed animals and dolls) because Ruby's brother, Max, insists on wearing his King Kong gorilla suit, which is a fire hazard, and a distraction. “Gorilla suits are not allowed in school, Max!” she says.

When Lily, another bunny, joins the classroom, Max discovers a friend just as mischievous and bad at listening. Lily loves volcanoes as much as Max loves his costume. When Ruby and Louise leave the classroom to fix the Can’t-Sit-Up Slug who fell out of bed during nap time, the two friends mix a bunch of ingredients together in the kitchen to make the volcano explode. Then they run out the door when the exasperated teacher yells, “School’s out!”

The ink, watercolor, and gouache illustrations in this story are on large, thick papers. This makes the pages with the lift-the-flap sections sturdier. Eight miniature one-page books can be opened during the story. This allows for interaction and short breaks. The art work in them resembles something a child would draw or write, making them relatable to a young reader. Ruby’s in-house classroom is made up of colorful chairs, a chalkboard, and blankets. The food in the kitchen is mostly stored in clear canisters. The addition of sprinkles, alphabet soup, and paprika to the volcano make a kind of lava never seen before in a book.

This story is yet another example of why these two characters have been loved for so many years.

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