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*Oops!* by Leo Timmers
Also by Leo Timmers:

Happy with Me
by Leo Timmers
Ages 2-4 32 pages Simon and Schuster October 2011 Hardcover    

Piggy has chosen the wrong place to go sledding. While there are no rocks and trees to swerve around, the hill is crowded with skiing penguins and mountain-climbing ostriches. A Saint Bernard utilizes the sledding path when he has an emergency, and alligators use it for fun.

As he slides toward each animal, Piggy shouts, “Mommy! Daddy! I am going to crash!” But with a little teamwork by the animals, everyone is safe.

The tension in the story increases though when Piggy sees his parents walking up the hill. They didn’t want him to go sledding, and now they see him racing directly towards them. A crash ensues, but with some relief.

There is predictability in the story because the first three lines on several pages are the same (Oops! / Mommy! Daddy!/I am going to crash!), but the sentences that follow these three lines allow children to learn the difference between over and under, around and between.

This picture book by Leo Timmers was originally published in Dutch in 2008. Many of the animals wear eccentric clothing and hats and are drawn with exaggerated features. This makes a quick read for a storytime about winter, misbehavior, or pigs.

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