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*Big Rabbit's Bad Mood* by Ramona Badescu, illustrated by Delphine Durand
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Big Rabbit's Bad Mood
by Ramona Badescu, illustrated by Delphine Durand
Ages 3-6 32 pages Chronicle March 2009 Hardcover    

Big Rabbit isnít your average bunny. His nose doesnít twitch - it droops, and itís long like a sausage instead of round like a button. His tail is non-existent, he doesnít hop, and he lives in a house.

Heís not alone right now, though. He has a mood with him, and itís a bad one. Big Rabbitís bad mood has a hairy body, arms that drag on the floor, and miniscule legs, and it follows Big Rabbit everywhere. Bad Mood rides the vacuum when Big Rabbit is trying to clean, and he hangs over the dresser when Big Rabbit wants to get dressed.

He may walk behind Big Rabbit with a smile on his face, but that doesnít cheer Big Rabbit up. Big Rabbit wants Bad Mood to go away. He finds this presence so intrusive that he canít even enjoy watching television or making dinner. Big Rabbitís friend Squirrel canít help get rid of the bad mood, though, because heís probably having tea and cookies with Bear; playing music only keeps the bad mood away temporarily. If only Big Rabbitís mom were available to make pancakes for him. Realizing heíll have to do something on his own to get rid of the bad mood, Big Rabbit devises a plan to get the bad mood to the front door.

Just as he paints his last arrow on the path heís made to the front door, Big Rabbit is interrupted by a RINNGG RINNGG RIIINNNGGG! Surprises await him behind his front door, surprises that will make his cheeks turn pink, a smile form on his face, and his bad mood disappear.

Although this is a childrenís story, readers of all ages can relate because weíve all experienced a bad mood like Big Rabbitís. Bad moods are no fun, but this authorís version of a bad mood is fun to read about. Like the worst kind of house guest you could imagine, Bad Mood does some pretty infuriating things - he tips the lamp Big Rabbit is sitting under, he eats the house plant, spills his drink, and uses Big Rabbitís floor as if it were one big tissue.

But readers will see Big Rabbit is a loved rabbit, because they see pictures of his friends and family everywhere in his house. Many readers may even guess who Big Rabbit will see when he opens his front door.

Born in Romania, Ramona Badescu now makes her home in France.

Delphine Durandís whimsical illustrations keep this story uplifting. Her illustrations have appeared in newspapers, advertisements, and several childrenís books including ĒEat!Ē Cried Little Pig and Scritch Scratch. She lives in France.

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