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*Say Please (Little Princess Books)* by Tony Ross

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Say Please (Little Princess Books)
by Tony Ross
Ages 4-8 28 pages Kane/Miller September 2006 Paperback    

Tony Ross has added a sixth book to his Little Princess series, this time exploring the importance of manners in Say Please! Once again Ross simplifies critical lessons for children, builds a story around them, and uses his whimsical princess character to deliver the message.

In this book, the Little Princess has a lot of requests (or, perhaps more appropriately labeled, demands) only to realize that she will not receive them until she tacks “please” onto the end of her statements. Whether she wants dinner, her potty, her teddy, or to go for a walk, the Little Princess learns that her wishes are only granted when she asks for them politely.

Ross has created an incredibly inviting “Little Princess” character, prominently displayed on the covers and virtually every page of each of his books. With her curious eyes, red rosy cheeks and crown that has a permanent place on top of her head, Little Princess is able to maintain the interest of her legion of fans and attract new ones, each wondering what she will have to say next.

Say Please! is a great addition to the line of Princess books, and her fans will likely be counting the weeks until her next adventure hits bookstore shelves.

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