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*The Smiley Book of Colors* by Ruth Kaiser
The Smiley Book of Colors
by Ruth Kaiser
Ages 3-6 32 pages Golden Books March 2012 Hardcover    

Based on Kaiser’s creation, the Spontaneous Smiley Project, this picture book about happiness combines positive messages about emotions with photographs of smiling objects.

Arranged by color, the ‘Smileys’ in this picture book remind us how to be happy. Alongside a green grinning apple and recycling bin, the author writes “Look all around and notice the good! Focus on that. We think you should.” Children can feel confident when they smile, remembering they have a choice about how they react to life.

With a little time spent on each page, a child’s imagination expands after noticing how headlights, balloons, and dials can resemble a face. Although the photographs inside the book are not labeled, the thirty-two pictures shown on the end papers at the back of the book are identified. This addition allows for new vocabulary (persimmons, tarp) and more challenging fun.

This book can be used to teach preschoolers about color or emotion. Children who enjoy photography may be inspired to capture images of happy faces in their world.

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