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*Tyson the Terrible* by Diane & Christyan Fox
Tyson the Terrible
by Diane & Christyan Fox
Preschool-grade 2 24 pages Bloomsbury USA December 2006 Hardcover    

Here comes big, bad Tyson the Terrible, a ferociously feared T-rex. Stegg, Serra and Plod want nothing to do with the horrible creature, who approaches with a noisy BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…until they actually meet Tyron up-front and personal.

Then they find out that “the fiercest dinosaur in the world” is not quite what they expected. This delightfully told, colorfully bold book combines adorable dinosaurs with a cute twist ending to provide kids a surefire hit of a bedtime story. The theme is simple: that even ferocious, mean Tyrannosaurus Rexes want to play and be friends, and the final pages will cause a few happy squeals from kids who like pop-ups.

Christyan and Diane Fox have a hit on their hands with Tyson, and perhaps we can look forward to some additional books featuring the cute little tyke and his - well, if I tell you, it will give away the fun ending. Suffice it to say, Tyson the Terrible is an eye-catching book with plenty of prehistoric fun inside.

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