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*The Unruly Queen* by E.S. Redmond
The Unruly Queen
by E.S. Redmond
Ages 4-8 32 pages Candlewick February 2012 Hardcover    

This bouncy, rhymed narrative tells the story of a very spoiled, very unruly little girl named Minerva von Vyle. Totally out of control, the little girl has sent 52 nannies packing in under 24 hours. Then the 53rd nanny arrives.

Elegant, bespectacled and very calm, Nanny 53 is undaunted by Minerva’s misbehavior and knows just how to handle the child. The nanny crowns Minerva “the Unruly Queen.” The tutu-clad child is thrilled, until she realizes what type of horrid domain she will rule over.

As the ruler of Petulant Peak, the child will live high on a mountain under a black cloud with all sorts of loathsome creatures as her subjects. Here she can be as unruly as she wants, because no one will care or be there to pick up after her.

Of course, the use of reverse psychology transforms Minerva, but will she be able to give up her royal title? Good question! You’ll have to read this humorous story with your child to find out what happens next and if Minerva has really given up her spoiled behavior.

Obviously the “Mary Poppins” theme still works and can elicit a few smiles, as E.S. Redmond illustrates in this outlandish tale. If you enjoyed Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo, the author’s last picture book, you will love this latest effort.

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