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*Woof Meow Tweet-Tweet* by Cecile Boyer
Woof Meow Tweet-Tweet
by Cecile Boyer
Baby-PreK 48 pages Seven Footer Press May 2011 Hardcover    

Anyone familiar with the word onomatopoeia—any word that imitates a sound—will delight in this new picture book that somehow makes a lot of noise despite the fact that no animal illustrations grace its pages. The story is about how a dog, cat and bird behave and interact, and the clever illustrations with some simple text relay the noises the animals would likely have squawked if they had been present on each page.

Readers quickly learn simple facts, such as that dogs often live outside during the day, cats prefer the cozy indoors, and birds often enjoy escaping from their cages. In addition, readers are told cats can be gentle if they try, dogs may need to pee on the wall, and birds might make a mess if they fly over a person at a particular time. The book also tells of a string of events that connect the animals to one another, as the dog fights with the cat who runs up the tree who hits the bird who is perched high above.

Woof Meow Tweet-Tweet is a sweet picture book that uses words and sounds to tell a story – which masterfully comes alive even more so than if the animals themselves had been pictured. The book diverges from the more traditional stories about animals that showcase their images front and center, and it will likely provide some welcome variety to any child’s book collection.

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