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*Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn* by Kelly Pulley
Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn
by Kelly Pulley
Grades PreK-2 32 pages Frog Legs Ink August 2010 Hardcover    

Miss Lulu McDunn is a compassionate, caring woman who is always kind to children and animals. However, she also has some pretty unusual features that make her stand out in a crowd.

Miss McDunn has extra parts on her knees and her eyes are different colors. She has all thumbs and no fingers on one hand, and her feet boast only four toes each. The kids in our story are not surprised by the differences they see in Miss McDunn but rather captivated by the happiness that follows her everywhere.

This delightful counting book takes the reader through the numbers one through ten, while looking at the bug that lives in Miss McDunn’s ear and the birds that nest in her hair. The book abounds in crayon-box color, not just primary colors; the dog is blue-gray, Miss McDunn’s hair is dark orange, and the nighttime scenes in her bedroom are in shades of teal. The drawings of the children and the animals will capture the imagination of the young readers.

This is a fun read-aloud for parents or grandparents, as well as educators and daycare workers. At the end of the reading, children will be able to talk about their own differences and the differences they see in their friends. Adults will be able to springboard into real conversation about acceptance and tolerance. There is no way to lose in adding this book to both personal and professional collections.

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