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*Anatole & the Cat* by Eve Titus, illustrated by Paul Galdone

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Anatole & the Cat


Anatole & the Cat
by Eve Titus, illustrated by Paul Galdone
Ages 3-6 40 pages Knopf November 2006 Hardcover    

Anatole has a job any mouse would wish for in their wildest dreams, but in this second book in the Anatole series, his job just got a little bit dangerous!

Anatole and his friend Gaston wait for dark when all the other Duval Cheese Factory workers have gone home. Then they start their work tasting cheeses and making suggestions to improve the flavors. Although Anatole wants to be at work, he fears he might have to quit. Anatole and Gaston are afraid of the cat who has been visiting the cheese factory at night. However, inspired by Gastonís joke and an old tale familiar to mice, Anatole takes steps to resolve his problems with the cat.

The red, blue, and white colors are so vibrant against the blacks and grays in this story. In this second book, different views of Anatoleís house and the mouse village can be seen. Gaston and Anatole are together more, and there is the introduction of the long, slinky, black and white cat, Charlemagne.

Iím not alone in loving this book. Anatole and the Cat is a Caldecott Honor Book originally published in 1957. Anatole, the French mouse, established himself as an honorable and respected mouse in his first book. In his second book, he continues his honorable ways, paying with cheese when he visits the pet shop and lumber shop. And, in this book, he comes to be known as the bravest mouse in France too!

Eve Titus has taken us again into Anatole's memorable world. Ever protective of his six children and kind to his wife, Anatole is rewarded once more by the president of the Duval Cheese Factory. In the first book he is given the title ďFirst Vice-President in Charge of Cheese-Tasting.Ē At the end of Anatole and the Cat, the president bestows a surprising honor on Anatole due to an accidental cheese evaluation.

Donít be surprised if your child needs to follow Anatole into his other books. Paul Galdone, known for his versions of The Three Little Kittens and The Little Red Hen, and Eve Titus, the author of numerous childrenís books, have a hit with Anatole and the Cat. There will never be a world like the one reflected in the pictures by Paul Galdone and the stories by Eve Titus, but itís fun to be immersed in them for awhile.

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