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*Animals Home Alone* by Loes Riphagen
Animals Home Alone
by Loes Riphagen
Ages 4-8 32 pages Seven Footer Press April 2011 Hardcover    

Animals Home Alone had me laughing out loud from the first page until the very last. The most interesting part about it? The book has no words!

The premise is that when two owners depart from their home and leave their pets (with names such as Petey (a bird), Elephant ( an elephant) and Buzz, Flap, Flit and Chew (flies) alone, there is no way to predict how they will behave. The first page is a picture of relative tranquility, but the excitement and hilarity increases as time passes (and the pages are turned).

The setting of the book is the living , home to a number of animals. Through the window, the owners can be seen embarking on their day. As we get started, we see things such as a dog trying on some sneakers, a pig on the phone, and a cat eating flowers. We also see a rabbit brushing her hair, then putting on lipstick and, near the end of the book, we find her in a lip lock with the elephant.

There is also a pig that eats everything in sight which happens to include a soccer ball, a radio and perhaps some other household appliances. The fish, which seems to be content swimming in the flower vase, is apparently eager for an adventure because it ends up in the toilet—which is later inhabited by the fleas who make appearances on a number of pages engaging in a number of different mischievous behaviors.

After “reading” this book, be sure not to overlook the back cover where a number of questions are posed about what was illustrated on the pages before. Those who felt that they paid close attention to the behavior of the animals will likely be surprised at how many amusing details they may have missed. The upside is that it provides readers with an excuse to start from the first page and go through the book over and over and over again.

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