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*Anton Can Do Magic* by Ole Konnecke
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Anton Can Do Magic
by Ole Konnecke
Ages 2+ 32 pages Gecko Press September 2011 Hardcover    

Author and illustrator Ole Konnecke has created a sweet tale about a childís desire for ďmagicĒ and how chance works in his favor to make his wish come true.

Anton has a magic hat and sets about to do some magic. He attempts to make a tree disappear. It doesnít, but thatís probably just because the tree is too big. So Anton performs his magic on a bird. As he says his spell, Antonís hat falls over his eyes. When he lifts up his hat, the bird has vanished. Antonís magic worked!

Anton then sets about persuading Luke, his skeptical friend, that he can perform magic. The results are heartwarming.

Konnecke effectively conveys the themes of wonderment, imagination but also a childís sweetness in his rendition of Anton, a well meaning and empathetic child.

The illustrations are simple pencil lines, similar to the style of illustrations in Harold and the Purple Crayon. The colors used are muted oranges and yellow with accents of darker red orange for the hat, which are soothing to the eye and balance with the short one or two-sentence narrative at the bottom of the page.

Anton Can Do Magic is a charming and magical tale for children ages 2 and up. Five stars.

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