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*Beast Feast: Poems* by Douglas Florian - buy it online

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beast feast: poems
by Douglas Florian
Ages 4-8 48 pages Voyager Books March 1998 Paperback Recommended at 5 stars of 5   

This author/illustrator has a marvelous imagination, not to mention a knack for alliteration and quirky rhymes. As if the words weren't enough, the capricious illustrations add to the enjoyment of each page, each new "beast".

"I don't claim to
Love the pigeon
But I like it
Just a smidgeon."

Florian's wonderful poems and paintings are perfect for reading to a child at bedtime, especially when that boy or girl, stimulated by sounds and colors, blurts, "Let me read it!" Beast Feast, like all of Florian's imaginative, fantastic books is a treasure to own, a joy to read.

The list is indeed a feast: the gamut of strange creatures, great and small, short and tall: the walrus, the anteater, the whale, the pigeon, the sloth, the toad, the kangaroo, mole and even the kiwi, each with eccentricities that engage and challenge children to learn about the variety of nature. And the creative rhymes (often producing unexpected giggles!) are accompanied by equally enchanting illustrations, colorful and humorous:

"The kangaroo loves to leap.
Into the air it zooms,
While baby's fast asleep
Inside its kangaroom."

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