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*Pantaloon (A Golden Classic)* by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Steven Salerno
Also illustrated by Steven Salerno:

Pantaloon (A Golden Classic)

Bebe Goes Shopping
by Susan Middleton Elya, illustrated by Steven Salerno
Baby-PreK 36 pages Sandpiper April 2008 Paperback    

This book uses a wonderful juxtaposition of English and Spanish to illustrate a common experience: shopping in a supermarket (supermercado) from the childís point of view. His is the language of bright colors and the excitement of the new - as long as mama is there to keep him safe.

To make the reading experience even more enjoyable, each page is rhymed as baby grabs and mama rushes to save him from one disaster after another. He wants everything! And mama goes behind, replacing items, admonishing him to be careful (Cuidado!).

The Spanish words arenít explained in the text, but in the context of the story it is clear what mama is saying and the matching illustrations make obvious what baby is up to. This manner of writing and rhyming is very effective, stimulating the child learning a new language; the artwork offers easy answers to unfamiliar words. The illustrations are broad and colorful, the Spanish words in bold face, this adventure flowing from beginning to ending.

The helpful glossary at the end of the book unites English and Spanish words, including pronunciation. This book is a delightful introduction to the Spanish language, combined with a loving mother and baby, the happy pairing of two cultures.

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