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*Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life* by Rebecca Doughty
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Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life
by Rebecca Doughty
Ages 4-8 40 pages Schwartz and Wade April 2008 Hardcover    

She makes cupcakes, music and art. She finds a way to help people, animals and the earth. She takes the time to smell flowers, make wishes, and splash in puddles (even if they are muddy). When she looks in the mirror, she’ll make a funny face, and if she’s feeling festive, she’ll invent a reason to celebrate.

To a young reader who is open to new experiences, whether they involve swimming for the first time or trying out a different hairdo, the freckle-faced girl in this book shows us the little things we can do to make the world a happier place - both for ourselves and for others.

Not one to take herself too seriously, the young girl in this newest book by Rebecca Doughty doesn’t mind the cat resting on her head, sharing her paints with the dog, or having her fresh-out-of-the-oven cupcakes poked at by a hungry bystander. Rebecca Doughty’s colorful ink and Flashe paint illustrations reveal her main character’s energy and enthusiasm. She splashes in puddles, reads books while lying on her belly, and carries a full bag of recyclables to the drop-off point.

Doughty's characters are comical in appearance and drawn with a smile or a concentrated expression on their faces. Along with the freckly girl, a cat and dog appear in this book as well. Often at her side, they also follow the tips in this book. Although they are the most frequently seen animals in this book, my favorite animal is the rabbit. He’s only on a few pages, but his personality makes me chuckle. He’s ever-watchful and often irritated - even when eating a carrot. On one page, he actually pulls himself up to be eye level with a picnic table to spy on two vegetable eaters. For such simple line drawings, Rebecca Doughty’s characters exude a lot of personality!

Rebecca Doughty lives in Massachusetts with her husband and cat. The author and illustrator of the books You Are to Me and Lost and Found, Doughty enjoys writing and painting. Her illustrations appear in several books, including One of Those Days and Toes Have Wiggles, Kids Have Giggles, and have been exhibited in galleries and centers in Boston, New York City and Ireland. Smaller in size than the average picture book, the straightforward guidelines contained on the pages of Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life can work for anyone.

P.S. For children who are wondering, yes, Rebecca takes her own advice: She eats her vegetables, too.

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