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*Big Bear Little Chair* by Lizi Boyd
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Big Bear Little Chair
by Lizi Boyd
Ages 3-6 36 pages Chronicle October 2015 Hardcover    

Boyd (Flashlight) has written a picture book about the opposites big and little. But in her book, the big and little pairings are unexpected: “Little umbrella, Big Bird” and “Big Zebra, Little Broom”.

Every four to six pages there is an illustration featuring two different-sized bears and their chairs. The text does not rhyme (until the last four pages) or follow any discernible pattern, but the black, white, gray and red colors are consistent through the scenery. Many of the small objects on the page are in red, but not all. On one page, the big object is in red.

The text and illustrations are simple, but the author put a lot of imagination and thought into the composition and design of the animals. The last few pages of the book show a comparison of three different sizes (big, little, tiny). While reading the book, parents could ask children to point to the big, little, or tiny objects they see on the page.

The last page shows the two bears sitting together in one chair, and they seem to be sharing stories about the animals seen inside the book. The unusually long, narrow shape of this book and its red cover featuring two charming bears will make this a book that children and their parents will gravitate toward.

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