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*The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs* by Dr. Robert T. Bakker, illustrated by Luis V. Rey
Also by Dr. Robert T. Bakker:

Dinosaurs: In Your Face

Also illustrated by Luis V. Rey:

Dinosaurs: In Your Face
The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs
by Dr. Robert T. Bakker, illustrated by Luis V. Rey
Ages 3-7 64 pages Big Golden Books September 2013 Hardcover    

Dinosaurs ruled the earth for millions of years, through many periods of evolution and amazing transformations of species and physical metamorphosis. Be they land, air, or sea creatures, the dinosaurs showed incredible adaptability in harsh conditions and even harsher predatorial odds where size, viciousness and developing physical traits most commonly ruled the land. As precursors to the animal species of today, many unusual characteristics found their way into the genetic diversity of the dinosaur species, forming the foundations for such traits as fluffiness, land and water adaptability, wing and foot development, and even sheer mass and size, to name a few.

As the periods of evolution transpired, the genesis of insect predecessors coincided with the timely growth and progress of the reptilian, amphibian, and mammalian development in various environments such as dense areas of hot, humid forests and rare plant life.

As an example, the dragonfly of today doesn't hold a candle to the two-foot wing-spanned forefathers of the much smaller and changed variations of dragonfly we humans are accustomed to. Regardless of classification, the fossilization of these incredible beasts has paved the way for not only understanding the past and the significant evolution of life in all forms but to make leaps and bounds in educated analysis/prognosis regarding present and future development of the animal kingdom.

The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs, written by paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker and illustrated by Luis V. Rey, is an in-depth children's picture book and guide to the fascinating subject of dinosaurs and their evolution. While specifically targetin the three- to seven-year-old age range, the scientific and advanced vocabulary are more appropriate for higher reading levels. Combined with the colorful and detailed illustrations, the overall reading experience is a pleasureable and educational. Consisting of fourteen chapters and over sixty pages ranging from the Devonian period to the extinction of Dinosaurs and first inkling of primates, this read offers a significant glimpse into the realm of the dinosaurs.

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