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*Bing: Yuk!* by Ted Dewan
Bing: Yuk!
by Ted Dewan
Ages 4-8 24 pages David Fickling Books October 2005 Hardcover    

“Round the corner,
Not far away,
Bing’s been chewing toys all day”
It must be time for a snack! After first washing and drying hands, Bing’s friend Flop is trying to get him to try a big, juicy tomato. “Yuk! Yukky tomato!” Flop can’t understand why Bing would think a tomato is yukky. He likes juicy kiwi, gooey cheese, sweet apples, and bright red strawberries, so why not a tomato? Bing, however, will still not try the tomato.

Flop goes through another round of foods that Bing likes, trying to convince him to try the tomato. Instead Bing flings the tomato ~ SPUT! Flop tells Bing that it was a very naughty thing he did and that he has to have a time out. Flop then tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t like tomatoes; he could have a snappy carrot instead. “Tomatoes, they’re just not a Bing Thing!”

Bing: Yuk! is a colorful, action-packed little book. What makes the pictures unique is the combination of cartoons with true-to-life pictures of the various snack foods. The storyline is true to the struggle of trying to introduce a new snack to a toddler, and little listeners will delight in seeing some of their favorite snacks among the pages. The descriptive and often action-oriented words will capture attention, and the big SPUT! accompanied by a smashed tomato is sure to bring a smile and giggle.

Bing: Yuk! will become a quick favorite, with its sturdy design ensuring it will survive many hours of fun. Bing: Yuk! is one of many books in the Bing bunny series.

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