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*A Book of Babies* by Il Sung Na
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A Book of Babies
by Il Sung Na
Grades PreK-1 24 pages Knopf January 2014 Hardcover    

Spring has arrived, and baby animals are being born everywhere. Follow the new father duck through the pages of Il Sung Na’s (Hide and Seek) newest picture book to see how the baby ducklings compare with the other newborns.

The fish have “lots of brothers and sisters.” The monkey has “none at all.” The zebra can “walk right away,” but the lion cub “needs a little help.” Mother and father animals from different parts of the world are included in these double-page spreads (polar bears, kangaroos, seahorses, chameleons).

The painterly textured and digitalized illustrations are made with a mosaic of interesting colors and patterns. The lion’s mane has white swooping swirls, and the seahorse is covered with a mixture of pink, blue, gold and brown colors.

The book ends with all the animals coming together under a setting sun—just in time for bed.

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