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*Born to Read* by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Marc Brown
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Born to Read
by Judy Sierra, illustrated by Marc Brown
Ages 4-8 40 pages Knopf August 2008 Hardcover    

Sam was born to read. Even when he was just a baby, he could read his name on the plaque over his bed. His patient mother read him story after story. Many of the books the illustrator has strewn over these pages, titles such as Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Pat the Bunny and The Cat in the Hat.

Sam discovers that by reading, he can recognize road signs and help his dad drive. He can read the notes his mom leaves for his sisters, and he can read the boxes at the grocery story that spell “candy” or “cookies”. As the reader watches Sam grow, they see him reading at the mall, in bed, in the tub, and at basketball.

When Sam reads a poster announcing a bike race, he enters and wins the race because he has read about competition and bike repair. When the baby giant Grundaloon comes stomping through town, all of the adults and children run away. Sam decides to share his love of reading with Grundaloon and give him something to do besides terrorizing the town.

Author Sierra has a Seussian way with rhyming verse. The reader almost expects to hear “Sam I Am” while turning the pages through his adventure. Illustrator Marc Brown, a familiar name to those who love children’s literature, does a superb job with the round, cherubic faces of the children in this story. It’s not unexpected to see a book about Arthur on the last pages of the story.

There are praises only for this author/illustrator team. This reviewer is always delighted to see a children’s book that reinforces the love of reading for children.

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