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*Rainbow Rhino* by Fox Carlton Hughes
Rainbow Rhino
by Fox Carlton Hughes
Ages 4-8 32 pages Ovation Books June 2007 Hardcover    

Homer is a young rhinoceros who is different from all other rhinos his age. Specifically, he has an unusually large tusk which makes him the target of the bullies at his school. Homerís parents make a valiant attempt to comfort their son by suggesting his tusk is a difference that makes him special and that he should embrace this distinctive trait.

Homer seems inconsolable, but when a rainbow appears in the distance, his parents sense a glimmer of hope that he may return to happy-go-lucky self. As the rainbow emerges, Homer heads towards his point of origin and meets Mr. Rainbow. It is ironic that while there, his differences become even more apparent, yet he learns to appreciate his uniqueness just the same.

Rainbow Rhino is a charming story that educates children as it entertains. Just as appealing as the message it sends are the magical illustrations that enhance the storyís appeal. Parents will likely find this book and its message a welcome addition to their childrenís book collection.

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