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*The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!* by Scott Magoon
The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!
by Scott Magoon
Ages 4-8 48 pages Simon and Schuster February 2013 Hardcover    

This reworking of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf!” once again underscores the importance of telling the truth. Ben likes to tell stories, but since he keeps alarming people by shouting “Look, everyone! It’s Bigfoot!” everyone now ignores him.

Of course, when Bigfoot really does appear and Ben announces the creature’s presence, no one takes notice. Really? Of course! After being tricked too many times in the past, Ben’s family and friends just ignore the child.

Does Ben learn his lesson and the importance of always telling the truth? Well, sort of! You’ll see on the picture book’s final page there’s an interesting twist to how this classic tale ends.

The story isn’t terribly original; the humorous illustrations make this book one that children four and older will have fun reading. After you have enjoyed this book a few times, take the opportunity to discuss the importance of “not crying wolf” (or “Bigfoot”( with your child so that the child realizes that maintaining or having credibility is important when telling someone something that one wants the person to take seriously.

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