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*Can We Save the Tiger?* by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Vicky White
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Can We Save the Tiger?
by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Vicky White
Ages 8+ 40 pages Candlewick February 2011 Hardcover    

This newest book by the creators of Ape takes a look at some of the beautiful animals we have lost and will continue to lose if we donít find a way to share the land and water with the creatures that make Earth their home, too.

After facts and statistics are given for each animal, various explanations are given for why they are endangered. The tiger is hunted for its fur, bones and meat. Partula snails have become endangered ever since rosy euglandina snails were introduced to eat giant African land snails. The vultures in India have been dying when they eat cows that have been given a medicine poisonous to vultures. The realistic illustrations of the animals are detailed, and as they seem to be looking at us, they remind us of our role in keeping them alive.

The book is not all bad news, though. There is hope for the animals if we act as we did to save the American bison and white rhinoceros. Children studying conservation or the history of endangered and extinct animals will find this book helpful. It is a thoughtful presentation about the value of animals. It celebrates our accomplishments but also warns us of the consequences if we donít act quickly.

Black-and-white pencil and oil paint illustrations serve as a reminder of what can happen if we donít act now. Animals fade in color, just as they will in our memory if we donít save them. This is not a thorough look at endangered and extinct animals as there are thousands of animals and plants not mentioned, but it is certainly a good starting point for a discussion.

Martin Jenkins is a consultant for the World Conservation Monitoring Centre. His books include Chameleons Are Cool and The Emperorís Egg. He lives in England. Vicky White graduated from the Royal College of Art with a masterís in natural history illustration. She has also worked as a zookeeper.

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