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*EyeLike Colors* by Play Bac Publishing
EyeLike Colors
by Play Bac Publishing
Ages 3-6 64 pages Play Bac Publishing October 2007 Hardcover    

Colors is the first book of the EyeLike children’s hardcover series that will also include Numbers, Shapes and Letters in the near future.

This book has a distinctive way of bringing children’s attention to details and textures and sparking the fascination with discovering likenesses between species of vegetation, animal, insect and other life forms. By using large images of nature to educate children ages three and older about the varied shades of colors, this book is sure to be a hit. Details of fruit skins, leaves, animal fur, vegetable skins - including tiny pores and seeds – are all of interest to children of this age group and can be discussed with them in an interactive manor. Stunning butterfly and fish photographs are filled with intense color.

Most of the colors included in the book are accompanied by helpful color bars to show the many shades of each color, which can sometimes be confusing for young children. The yellow, green and purple colors are given four pages, while most of the other colors span two full pages (the book consists of 64-pages with full color photography and a few illustrations). Because of this, Colors is certainly applicable for group situations. I was pleased to see the authors of this book included duotones, stripes, multicolor, iridescent and translucent in their list of colors.

The book’s information page shows a long list of credits – too many to list here, but readers will be interested to know that the publisher acknowledges that a number of teachers, parents and children helped develop the Eye Like series. Colors is about 10x8 inches in size and has a suggested retail price of only $9.95 (US) – which is a bargain for a book of this size and quality.

Play Bac Publishing has been creating educational concepts for over 20 years and is best known for BrainQuest and for publishing the only daily children’s newspaper in the world. Originally, the publisher was based in France; they have branched into the US market and are now based in New York. Play Bac Publishing has worked hard to ensure this series will be a success and state that the Eye Like books have been field-tested by professionals and educators. Colors is certainly a visually stimulating book and will likely have children asking questions and sparking discussions about the things they have seen.

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