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*Countries: Mack's World of Wonder* by Mack van Gageldonk
Countries: Mack's World of Wonder
by Mack van Gageldonk
Ages 5-8 80 pages Clavis September 2015 Hardcover    

This child-friendly nonfiction book gives children a brief introduction to sixteen countries from around the world. The author describes a couple popular sites in these places and gives examples of the people (adults and children) who live there.

The pyramids are discussed in the section on Egypt, but so are the weather and the Nile river. The paragraphs on Morocco give examples of birds, sounds, and popular drinks in the area. The camel that was photographed walking toward the collaged oasis is draped in colorful blankets and reins. Disney, national parks, and New York City are the focus in the United States chapter. The section on Africa contains information on Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco.

Four pages are devoted to each country, and the pages are illustrated with colored drawings and photographs of the people and their culture. The section on America is divided into the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Greenland. Italy, Russia, and most of the sections in Asia show children in traditional outfits dancing or standing near an area popular with tourists. Some of the animal drawings (toucan, jaguar money, parrot) or landmarks (Buckingham Palace in England) are labeled, and each section ends with a question about the artwork on the page (On the island of Sumatra the houses have peaked roofs. Which roof has the most peaks?)

China, Indonesia, India, and Japan are the countries featured in Asia, and the book ends with two pages of information about Australia:
Australia is very big, but not many people live there. Neighbors sometimes live a few miles apart. Australians love sports. Tennis, swimming and…surfing! Australia has beautiful beaches and high waves. And you need those to surf. The bigger the wave, the more fun it is for surfers.
The following page talks about kangaroos, koala bears, and boomerangs.

Although there is no map of each country mentioned in the book, at the beginning of each section, there is a drawing of the Earth, and the continent being discussed is colored in green. It’s unfortunate there are no country flags in the book, but unlike some nonfiction books, this one doesn’t contain any statistics. This exclusion could extend its shelf-life.

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