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*Crystal Doors #1* by Rebecca Moesta & Kevin J. Anderson - tweens/young adult fantasy book review



Crystal Doors #1
by Rebecca Moesta & Kevin J. Anderson
Grades 6-9 304 pages Little, Brown June 2006 Hardcover    

Crystal Doors is co-written by two best selling authors, Rebecca Moesta (pronounced Mess-tuh) and Kevin Anderson. These two are not only successful as individual authors, they make an excellent writing team - and they are also married, which may be an interesting factoid for some readers.

Gwen and Vic are “twin” teenage cousins who reside with Vic’s father. Vic’s mother has been missing since around the same time that Gwen’s parents perished under suspicious circumstances.

Vic’s father, Dr. Pierce, recognizes evil when he sees it and rushes to open a doorway to the one place he thinks may protect them – Elantya. Vic and Gwen are not aware of their origins, nor have they ever been exposed to the family secrets. So when they were transported to Elantya through a crystal door, they are overwhelmed and more than a little confused - especially when they discover Dr. Pierce is not with them.

Far from a safe haven, Elantya - a learning center for peoples across the universe - is threatened by a great evil that can control the minds of animals and use others to wage war against the steadworthy students and sages.

Crystal Doors closes with the first battle fought, but war continues and much is left to discover. Vic and Gwen must still find a way home, and the knowledge of the crystal doors remains unknown. No one knows who constructed the crystal doors, and few have learned to use them. One thing that Vic and Gwen do know is that their family is not only connected with all of this somehow, but that their powerful medallions and unusual talents have led many to believe they arrived to fulfill an ancient prophesy.

Coming in at 298 pages, Crystal Doors is the first book of this series. Most appropriate for an age group between 7 and 12 years old, it may also appeal to youth as old as 14. The authors keep the pace steady; there are no lulls or boring parts. Full of magic, crystals, bits of knowledge and reasoning skills, this book will be a wonderful adventure for today’s young readers.

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