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*Curious Critters* by David FitzSimmons
Curious Critters
by David FitzSimmons
Ages 4-12 32 pages Wild Iris Publishing November 2011 Hardcover    

Animal lovers will feel a little emotional when reading Curious Critters.

FitzSimmons’ photography captures the beauty, diversity and intelligence of twenty-one North American animals. They appear to be studying us; and they have a lot to say.

FitzSimmons talks for the animals, but what they tell us reflects their own very different personalities and talents. The Spotted Salamander shines like he’s been out in the rain, and the paragraph of facts beside his photograph is expressed in a song about rain (Rain, rain, won’t you stay? Keep my skin moist every day.).

The American Toad chooses to immediately dispel myths about his connection with warts and princesses. The Goldfish welcomes us with an ‘O-ooooh! Hello-ooooo!’ greeting before explaining how he swims and eats.

Clear, large-scale photographs make us aware of the distinguishing features of these animals (the light pink mite on the Red Flat Bark Beetle, the stubby legs on the Monarch caterpillar). Supplementary material appears in the back of the book in the glossary, and in various activities that test memory and attention to detail.

Books like Curious Critters teach children to respect life and marvel at its possibilities.

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