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*Where Did Daddy's Hair Go?* by Joe O'Connor, illustrated by Henry Payne


Where Did Daddy's Hair Go?
by Joe O'Connor, illustrated by Henry Payne
Ages 3-6 40 pages Random House April 2006 Hardcover    

Jeremiah is on a quest to find his dadís lost hair. After overhearing his dad say ďEver since I lost my hairÖ,Ē Jeremiah decides he will find it. His search leads him everywhere imaginable. He scours the house for the hair. He digs deep outside for the hair. No hair. In a quandary, Jeremiah does some funny brainstorming. Camel humps and pencil erasers resemble dadís head! Finally, Jeremiah learns why his dad is bald, and he also learns that people come in many shapes and sizes - and amounts of hair. And that is okay with him.

Even though Henry Payne has all his hair, he has created fantastic illustrations for this book. Readers see this story through little Jeremiahís eyes. All the adults are so tall compared to the boy; his dadís hand is giant wrapped around Jeremiah's own. You also see Jeremiahís imagination at work. He imagines himself missing hair, and he imagines what his dad might look like with different kinds of hair. The Elvis hairstyle is just one of the funny drawings in this book. Itís very obvious the boy looks up to and worries about his dad, and itís obvious the dad knows this. With his son watching, the dad has a calm look on his face when he addresses the man who called him Baldy. He even makes the man smile!

Author Joe OíConnor and his dad are both bald, and OíConnor does a wonderful job turning his first-hand experience into a great story for children. This book shows children that losing hair is natural, painless, and always looks different - just like people all look different.

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