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*Dark Night* by Dorothee de Monfreid
Also written and/or illustrated by Dorothee de Monfreid:

I'd Really Like to Eat a Child
Dark Night
by Dorothee de Monfreid
Grades K-2 40 pages Random House September 2009 Hardcover    

On a dark, dark night, a very little, very scared boy named Felix is walking through the forest when he suddenly hears a terrible howling. He ducks for cover in the hollow of an old tree as a vicious wolf builds a fire nearby.

But the wolf is not the only thing prowling these woods. Soon two more hideous creatures make their presence known and Felix has no way to escape. He quickly learns that the hollow tree is the entrance to the cozy home of a friendly rabbit. But how can a scared little boy and a tiny bunny rabbit outwit three ferocious beasts?

Dark Night is a tale of empowerment, a classic example of brain over brawn with a little twist. Although it’s not clear why the scared little boy is walking in the woods, or why, after turning the tables on the creatures, the two new friends don’t come clean and rescue the frightened beasts, it is still an entertaining tale. If your child craves that certain amount of suspense without an over-the-top “scare factor,” this will be an instant favorite.

Originally published in 2007 in France, this translated version makes for a fun “hide under the covers” kind of tale with a happy ending. Author/illustrator Dorothee de Monfreid also illustrated another U.S. title, I’d Really Like to Eat a Child, also published by Random House. Her simple illustrative style is reminiscent of Crockett Johnson meets Syd Hoff with a touch of the new millennium. Dark Night is a perfect read for those dark nights. You might even take a cue from the book and add some hot chocolate to the mix.

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