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*Sally and Dave: A Slug Story* by Felice Arena
Sally and Dave: A Slug Story
by Felice Arena
Ages 4-8 32 pages Kane/Miller March 2008 Paperback    

Dave is a fat, lazy slug who loves to indulge in whatever he finds pleasurable and avoid whatever he does not. Being a large common slug, Dave is nothing spectacular in the eyes of the magnificent Sally.

Sally is a thin, hip, totally gorgeous slug who loves to do all sorts of sports and activities. She's always the best at what she does and never forgets it. Seeing her neighbor, the common couch potato Dave, always sitting and never doing anything, really disgusts Sally.

Dave and Sally are diametrically opposed, but they do have one thing in common: both find their lifestyles just fine and think they are special for who they are. Sally, unfortunately, finds Dave anything but special and makes sure he knows it. Pity she doesnít consider his feelings as he does.

As Sally continues her showoff ways, Dave mulls over Sally's hurtful words. If Sally was so great, she would know that slugs are all made differently, and it is these differences that are special.

Hopefully the confrontation between Sally and Dave will resolve their problems - if not, they might find it hard to help each other when bigger problems come swooping down upon them. Differences are special and make each slug the more interesting for them.

Felice Arena's cute and clear story delivers messages for both young and old. Tolerance for differences, compassion for others, being aware of otherís feelings, and doing unto others as you would have done unto you.

The illustrations are nothing spectacular, but their simplicity makes the messages of the story clearer. For what the illustrations are, they are fun and bring a good chuckle. Arena is a talent worth exploring, possessed of some fun creativity that reaches her audience.

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